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The main performance indicators of the branch of RSE "Gosexpertiza" in Kostanay region from January 01 to June 30, 2018.

According to the results of the first half of 2018, according to the State Expertise for Kostanay oblast, 78 conclusions were issued with a total estimated cost of construction of 43.61 billion tenge. Including:
- 75 positive opinions were issued with the estimated estimated construction cost of 45.24 billion tenge;
- Negative conclusions were issued on 3 projects (projects on state investments).
In quantitative terms, 54 units. projects involving public investment (37.78 billion tenge) and 24 units. projects with the participation of non-state investments (5,833 billion tenge).
If compared with the same period last year, the number of projects involving public investment 84 units. (58.702 billion tenge) and 30 units. (28.051 billion tenge), respectively, with the participation of non-state investment.
The lowest number of reports was issued in March, with only 6 conclusions.
The greatest number of conclusions is 15 units (month).
Within the framework of the state program of housing construction "NyRly HER":
- for housing construction - 12 units were considered. project documentation, with a total recommended value of 10.467 billion KZT.
Due to private investments, 4 units were considered. PSD, with a total value of 4.588 billion tg;
- on development of engineering and communication infrastructure - 9 units were considered. project documentation, with a total recommended cost of 6.1 billion tenge.
- for water supply and water disposal facilities - 9 units were considered. documentation, with a total cost of 7.4 billion KZT.
- for gas supply facilities - 7 units were considered. project documentation, with a total cost of 6.1 billion tenge.
- for heat supply facilities - 7 units were considered. project documentation, with a total cost of 2.2 billion tenge.
- for power supply objects - 6 units were considered. project documentation, with a total cost of 2.6 billion tenge.
One of the main activities of the State Expertise, which is under constant control, is the quality of the expertise. It should be noted that the quality of projects entering the expertise continues to be low.
So, according to the results of the first half of the year 2018, 3 design organizations with poor quality of the developed documentation were revealed, who submitted 3 projects with numerous defects, gross violations and deviations from the requirements of state standards.
The State Expertise shall forward the information to the CDWW of the RK WORLD and GASK for the subsequent sending of information to the relevant authorities and conducting inspections.
All decisions on the issuance of negative opinions are taken collectively. Controversial issues, if necessary, are submitted to the Expert Council and workshops with the involvement of stakeholders (customers and project organizations).

So, in the first half of 2018 in projects reviewed by the State Expertise, more than 5 thousand defects and deviations from design standards were revealed, the main ones being:
- the submitted project documentation does not comply with the requirements of the Orders of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the NTD;
- The budget documentation is prepared in violation of the requirements of the current regulatory documents. The scope of work in the estimate documentation does not correspond to the submitted projects;
- deficiencies in engineering solutions; Not all mandatory items of technical specifications of operating organizations are carried out when developing the project;
- normative documents that are canceled or replaced by other normative documents are indicated;
- Projects are provided, in which some sections are missing;
- calculations are not provided for determining the parameters of the adopted design decisions.
Also, to ensure the completeness, comparability and reliability of information in terms of materials and equipment used in conducting state expertise of pre-project and design documentation for construction, control is exercised over the maximum use in projects of construction materials, products and structures manufactured by Kazakhstan commodity producers, as well as for the use of energy-saving technologies.